"Muyl" isn't a very common name. The advantage is that it is original. The disadvantage is that it's difficult to pronounce (I always have to repeat it three times!). It's a name of Flemish origin, meaning mill (I was born in Lille). There are not a lot of "Muyls" and only one working in the film business and so when you do a web search for those four letter, nearly all the hits concern me. Even so, the articles are very repetitive and don't really tell you much about me. That's why I wanted to launch this web-site. Don't go thinking that I'm a megalomaniac (I know myself well enough to know that I am obliged to be modest!). I just want to give people access to more accurate information. You will discover my past experience, the films that I have made, what I do between films, a brief self-portrait, musical extracts, some photos of me and a few links.

Enjoy your visit!